[Giveaway] 1x Mega.nz Account code for Pro Lite 400 GB and 12 TB Bandwidth

I am giving out one Code for Mega.nz for Pro Lite Account

You can upgrade your Free account by appying the code at megz.nz/redeem

Just Enter Voucher code and You are good to go.

Just comment below and one winner will be picked up.



Below. Thank you bro :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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Hello, Hello. Cant wait.:slight_smile:

This is something I cannot pass by😌. Will be helpful for the library.

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Badly need it bro. Thanks in advance

Yup please :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: i realy need it

Ohk I am going to pick the Winner

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I really need it, Can’t wait.

Need 10 Members to Pick the winner 3 More to go

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Hahaha… Below @Grubstaker

advance thank you !!

Thanks a lot for great sharing

Trying my luck too. Congrats to anyone who wins

thanks i need that most❤️

I just follow bro. I have the feeling that our bro OP will pick me :blush:

Good luck everyone :slight_smile:

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I need it for downloading some courses, if you can give it will be helpful for me.

Nice share dude @Divine_Joker

I am in for the giveway.

Thank You So much…broo