[Giveaway] 15tb mega voucher for 2 months (no cc req)

Try MEGA Business: 15 TB storage, free for two months.

Go to this link

Scroll down until you find this :

Enter your mail and follow steps, 15 TB storage with unlimited (4096 PB) Bandwidth for 2 months.

Import and download all the stuff that you want, once a lifetime opportunity

Use temp mail for unlimited accounts, will have to use incognito mode for another account.


did that. no email was received

do i need to have an existing MEGA account before I submit my email address to this link?

same here… i didn’t get email confirmation either

Still waiting for the email, not received till yet.

I successfully made multiple Accounts, the email looks like this. Maybe due to over usage of this, the mega team has patched it.

Not working for me .

they are not sending email I am Late :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

I received the email after 10 hours but it is worth it thank you brother !!


People are abusing this method by selling the accounts and using temp mails. Mega will surely send you an email but after verifying. One simple way to verify the legitimacy of email is by sending verification mail after few hours (temp mail doesn’t last for hours)

I suggest using Gmail or other popular email services for availing the offer


Thanks it worked for me :heart_eyes:


what happens to my data after 2 months?


hey it indeed worked for me, i wanna know if i add 1 tb material, will it be deleted after 2 months automatically or not ??? pls reply someone

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Perhaps it won’t be deleted as while registering we have to agree to the terms that after 2 months the plan will continue with the €10/month charges thereon.

As far I think, this is just a marketing tactic like Netflix, they offer you a 30-day trial, you enjoy and get addicted and then there’s no coming back (that’s why free trials exist). I do not recommend storing files. No one will give you a lifetime of free storage ( even google photos reverted from their promise ). The major benefit will be transfer quota and bandwidth. Use the account to import the files from other mega links and then you can download it without 5gb daily limit. You can also use multcoud or google colab scripts to transfer files from mega to google drive or onedrive or onedrive or any other major cloud storage platform. Create multiple backups and download. That’s it.

Hope you understood :blue_heart:


Yes use this for transfer data not as a storage

Yes , wait for some time , you can use old account also, but it takes some time to receive voucher.

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But it’s showing I have to give money first.WHat should I do?

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just proceed further it is showing u that if u have to pay that is the amount you will have to pay if u don’t apply voucher and voucher is already as u can see at end

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