[Giveaway] 10 JetBrains Licensed Server + Canva Edu invite

Hello Coders/Developers, :grin:

Im Giving away 10 JetBrains Licensed Server of this JetBrains products:


I Am also giving the 10 winners a canva edu join link as an extra because why not :man_shrugging:.

Rules of this giveaway

Like the post :brown_heart:

Account must be over 10 days old :grinning:

Explain how you found FREESOFF and why you need the chosen JetBrains Product :ok_hand:

Winners will be announced in 1/15/2023 | Goodluck everyone :brown_heart:


@Loxapemann Thank you for the giveaway.
Found it thru search engine
For software development

Hello and thank you for your givaway,
I found Freesoff following research of sites concerning the sharing of dev resources.
I’m particularly interested in phpstorm.

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plz provide me.thank for your giveaway

thank you for this giveaway

Thank you for the great giveaway.
I found it through google and one of my friends recommended as well.
I need this software for coding and software development

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Hi , I found it on google and I needed for Java program development and study, Thank you!

thank u for the giveway…I found freesoff from internet and need jetbrains for web development

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I found freesoff because of google, so before I found this, I was already a member at another forum with a similar niche, but one day that forum disappear and I stumbled upon this forum after I ask google for a similar forum. I’m so thankful for finding this forum because from this forum I got some great free stuff.

And I always love JetBrains products, especially IntelliJ IDEA, I’m using it to develop android apps using kotlin.

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Thanks for giveaway, I found freesoff a long time ago from telegram when it had just started iirc. I need intellij idea for development. I am a java developer and our company works in eclipse. Intellij costs a lot so my company cheaped out on it, so I will be grateful if I win it.

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Hello and thank you for your givaway,
I found Freesoff following some blogger course.

And i am interested to canva

@Loxapemann Thanks.
Thru Friend
For skill up

Freesoff its heaven for students :heart_eyes: thanks for ur hard work

Thankyou. found FREESOFF around a year back from another forum and loved the community here, not just the free products i just love it how we make things accessible to everyone. I’m sitting in a small town and i feel overwhelmed by the community

Freesoff is amazing.
I found it via google search.
Need tools for my projects.

found this on reddit, years back in the york of its infancy, with nothing more than as a reply to a question to help find a valuable resource from a user, from a forum member as a picture on a subreddit, having seen N no of forums & communities, in a life span of 25 years working as a professional cinematographer with a native language most of u hardly might know, with exposure to everything from top of the line Multi-National companies ranging everything from top of the line medical stents manufactured in Clean Sanitized chambers, to top of the line hardware in enterprise Clusters & everything in between, to which most of their own staff wouldn’t be having access to. and having personally met nothing less than 40 top of line CEO’s & Entrepreneurs & StartUP creators, earning nothing less a 3Mil a year of CTC to their companies, with all the perks included, handling nothing less than 3000 employees, catering to niche of an audience most us wouldn’t have access to ranging from Core ETF traded funds, to enterprises, and the problems these CEO’s would have to address to manage & handle workflows & pipelines built exclusively to manage clients ranging from top of line search engine backbone companies to niche core banking backend solutions, the nerd in me would be awake, having dropped out of my undergraduates, purely for Professional Reasons, and still remember my Precollege days having computer science as a core subject where Anything more than Assembly, Pascal & 1.44 MB would be a Luxury, working as a self Taught Developer Learning Everything from JS to Rust, in my free times & working in everything from WordPress to Headless,& ending Up clients who have been with me ,from nothing more than a WordPress plugin developer from the Yahoo, & GeoCities days, to the same clients who are now top of the line professionals in SEO to Affiliate Marketers, SaaS Entrepreneurs to Shopify Developers, what resonates in me is the pain these Webmasters have to Handle in combatting everything from Spam ,malware, Brilliant Hackers & the brilliantly disguised marketers and everything in between and the Defences & Moderation that they need to setup to clean the community clean, and the content of which might have been available by a few years back only behind a Pay-wall, PPD or Self-proclaimed fake GURUS who do nothing more than rehash the same content stealing from the legends that the histories have know, I am still awestruck with words to express the silent slumber identities these Webmaster’s & moderators maintain, remaining true to their Value proposition that they offer true to what they stand for “FreesOFF”.This community is So Redditt, still being So Un Redditt, having all the luxuries from valuable content to creators, Sharers & Freelancers vetted more than any Escrow service would. Very happy of having found such a community of Users who are helping even the most laziest of NOOBs expecting nothing more than a Like & nothing in return, & are not “selling without selling”, the true meaning which of which might only resonate with few seasoned marketers, who have been in the game long enough, with their razer sharp eyes to see selling, which might pass even the most seasoned. probably turned out to be more of a long form Content than what i intended to, taking more iterations of corrections than what i had wanted it to, having written enough branded content appearing on branded landers in branded names, knowing truly well what it takes to resonate with the audience. Having learnt so much from this community & having been on so many, from everything from nulled to cracking, black hat to Security, spending hours together on researching on core Niche Topics, their are a few I Still Turn Up on for Everything from Content to Plugin to freelancers, and this being one Such Community, would like to praise the webmasters & the moderators for their Patience and perseverance and all the drill from Security & everything that they need to grind through everyday at Clockwork Precision, and about this Giveaway, probably not just me, this would help anyone go a long way in helping build their own branded landers ,with so much Happening in AI & MLDevOps Dev Space and so much goodies & trials being offered by enterprise for their servers & products, probably what one needs is only right Insight to know where to look for that low hanging fruit ,& the Right resource and a Valuable Domain and be Up in no time with the right Mindset, thanks @Loxapemann for this giveaway

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Badly need bro I can’t explain please try go understand my problem without canva i am nothing please

My account may not be old enough but just here for the say! Freesoff was recommended by random user of reddit. Since then, I have been using resources found/shared here for my projects and some resources here are gold.

Thank you for the great giveaway.
I found freesoff through google
I need this for software development

Thanks for this valuable giveaway, currently I’m developing an app in jetbrains but it all comes down to the winner of the license. Still grateful , congrats to the winner in advance

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