[GET] VIDIQ Max 3.81.2_0 (Chrome extension) For YouTube

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Download: click here

VT Scan: click here

  1. unzip the downloaded zip-file

  2. goto Chrome-Extensions (Type chrome://extensions/ in the address bar)

  3. Set Developer mode in the upper right corner to ON

  4. Click on Load Unpacked in the upper left corner

  5. Select the unzipped folder from 1. and click Open.

  6. Allow vidIQ extension to be installed.

How to set up Chrome’s unpacked addon
Note: You must choose the folder where the file is located. The extension will now be put in place.



Is it any virus in it or later, They will hack our system, cookies etc?
Just scared…

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@Drramu Thanks for sharing this with us

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I can’t install @Drramu

There is no vidiq in it

there is one more folder inside that… selected that folder name “3.81.2_0”

There is no such folder in it

Awesome share buddy. Working perfectly.

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Just follow all the steps mentioned above to install the extension.

Its working perfect for everyone else.

Thanks Buddy, Working Fine!!

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After installation, it just works like any free version of VidIQ, because keyword inspector doesn’t show the entire list.

I think he updated the link now. There was different file earlier in that folder

Hi all
@Drramu thank you very much for sharing it
Guys is working, I think that what some of you forgot is to point to the directory.
Question: this is full version?

No such directory name “3.81.2_0”

This my extract from file:

Multiple Times i had extracted i got same result

in the developer mode → load this file → then you refresh the page → it will show the vidiq max…

but talking about vidiq dashboard, it is not working > not able to find keywords… in that it is still basic… (pls help in that case)

Probably yes, avoid Text

Worked perfectly, thanks for your kindness!

Works perfect ! Nice share. Premium would be great