[GET] vidIQ Enterprise v3.39.7 Free Download [Nulled]


Download this chrome extension - Zippyshare.com - 3.39.7_0.rar

Extract the zip file and install it manually…


How to install it? Can you write the steps?

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install, unzip, and drag that folder to extension manager in google chrome.

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Man, You are great. Thanks a lot.

can you tell me how u install ? i dont see any exe files

just paste the extracted folder man…google how to load extensions on chrome or similar

Thanks @mr.hackx . Pls I have a question. I just install it and I find out it required me to sign up or Log In, What am i gonna do from here

Sign in or sign up. there is no problem to do this process.

How to install extension on Google Chrome:
Step1: Enter this in address bar chrome://extensions
Step2: Turn On Developer option on the top right corner.
Step3: Extract the zip extension file.
Step4: Drag and Drop the Extracted Folder to Chrome Extension Window. Done!


can anyone explain how this works? & is it till working

VidIQ is a Paid chrome extension for Youtube monitoring. If you want to use it for free, Download the zip and upload this extension in your Browser.
Then create VidIQ account and start using!
Check previous comments for doubts

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Thankyou, Which plan will i get after installing pro or boost?
old vidLq account will work or i had to create new one?

@mr.hackx thanks for sharing :heart_eyes:

It didn’t work.
I am still getting basic account.

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Working , but I found some issues like

  1. Tags showing limited and showing error

  2. Keywords search not showing results only blank showing

Anyone have these issues , or only with me??

use chrome extension manager as dev mode.

not working still on the basic plan

I think this is client modified version. You can’t expect server-level features in this update.

Wonderful app, will check to see if this is enterprise, if that is, then i am in luck

no downlod button there