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UX design masterclass Free Download. Design that serves people, serves the business.


How to do research, for real. Learn how to engage customers and potential customers through deep conversation that gets to the heart of why they buy a product, or hire your client for a service.

How to be a more confident, effective designer, Creating great interfaces doesn’t happen by magic, or in isolation. Learn the framework for making solid design decisions that creates a successful outcome every time.

Is this course for you? Absolutely.

Whether you’re in product or service design, just getting started in UX, have a few years under your belt, or run your own design practice, you’ll learn new ways to understand people, create business value, and execute at an exceptional level. We guarantee it.


29 Lessons that will help you hone your skills, learn best practices, and create value as a designer, no matter what level you’re at.

Support from a team of UX/UI experts. Benefit from our 16 years of agency experience designing products used by millions.

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You know what?! GREAT MAN! Cheersss…!!

its not working
its saying its damaged

worked for me, maybe your download was corrupted

Download isn’t available anymore

Download isn’t available anymore

Bro, if you have got this ux masterclass could you please share it with us??? the link isn’t working actually.

Link needs an Update

can anyone please update a new link…
thank you

Got one similar to this. Will share once its approved.

hey can you please share with me or send me the threat link.
thank you.

Alternate Thread

Here’s another link to the same resource:
[CoursesGhar.Com] UXDesignMasterClass.com - Google Drive

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Could someone please share the link because all the links above don’t work!

Hey @Sibijay Requesting Access!

Hi. What are you requesting access to?

Links still not working… Please reupload a new one… Million thanks!

Kindly update link, it shows no shared files.

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