[GET] The Nomad Brad | Bing Ads Bootcamp 2.0

[[GET] The Nomad Brad | Bing Ads Bootcamp 2.0

Account Creation (How To Start Your Account For Profit)

  • How To Avoid The Biggest Mistakes People Make In Starting Their Account That DOOM Them To FAILURE

Secret Bing Campaign Setup Tricks (This Will Pay For The Entire Course Almost Immediately)

  • The #1 Trick I Always Do To Immediately Skyrocket Bing Account Profit For Clients
  • How To Avoid “Trash” Traffic Right From The Beginning

Paid Traffic Success Strategy

  • Fastest And Easiest Method Of Doing Affiliate Marketing With Bing Ads

How To Choose A Winning Affiliate Product To Promote

  • How To Choose A Winning Affiliate Product To Promote

Keyword Research

  • How To Find Profitable Keywords In Any Niche
  • How To Laser-Focus on Buyers

Niche Research

Competitive Research



  • How To Manage Your Campaign Spend
  • When to stop unprofitable campaigns
  • When To Invest More
  • How To Recognize A Winning Campaign And Scale Up

Perfect Tracking Setup (Clickbank, Max Bounty, Shopify, Wordpress, Clickmagick)

Building Up “The War Chest” - How To Start With Little Or No Budget

Bidding Strategy

Part Two: During The Click

Creating Killer Ad Copy

Easy Clickthrough Rate Skyrocketing Hacks

Split Testing Ads For Insane Conversion Boosts

Secret Bing Features That Can Revolutionize Your Results

Part Three: After The Click

How To Recognize (Or Create) A Winning Campaign

How To Read Tracking Data And Recognize The Winners

How To Create High Converting Landing Pages

How To Get 50-80% Opt In Rates For Listbuilding

Email Copywriting Secrets To Boost Your Profits

How To Build a Funnel That Converts In Any Niche

Optimizing Your Campaigns To Profit

How To Scale A Winning Campaign

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