[GET] Seed4me premium VPN FREE 6 months(LEGIT WAY no CC REQ)

get free seed4me premium vpn for 6 months, no credit card
1.Go to seed4.me
2. Apply promocode TOOSHEH while registering a new account
3. Enjoy 6 months of premium vpn(works well i’m using it too)
4. Avail before its gone!
5. Drop a thanks, this is my first post, I’ll me coming with such freebies in future too :slight_smile:
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Confirmed working. It says “Days left: 181 days”
Here’s a more direct link https://seed4.me/users/register?coupon=TOOSHEH
Many temporary emails are blocked by s4m
If you want to use temp email, try https://temporarymail.com/

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It is warking! :+1:t5:

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By they way, they offer just PPTP/L2TP protocols which are not very secure and considered as outdated by many security experts.

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Its really work. Thank so much.

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@Simo Just to clarify, they “also” offer PPTP/L2TP for manual connections
If you use their app, then that’s “custom version of OpenVPN protocol through OpenSSL”

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It’s working thank you

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Thanks man. Its working

Updated : v1.0.68

Download the installer using below links
for-Windows | for-macOS | for-Android | for-iPhone / iPad | for-Amazon

(1.5-year for new users and 1-year for existing users Licence FREE)

Steps :

  1. If you do not have an account, Go to this PAGE and register, If you already have a Seed4.Me account, then you can skip this step.
  2. Login and click the EXTEND ACCESS option in the left menu.
  3. click VOUCHER OR PREPAID CARD and enter your voucher code to extend your subscription by a year.
  4. Now just download Seed4.Me on either your Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS device.
  5. log into your Seed4.Me account and you can start using it

Voucher code : SOS21-AAAWKIBJO (6months) SHARE21(1 year)

Terms :

  • This is a multi-device 1.5-year license for new users and 1-year license for existing users
  • You get free updates while your license is active
  • You get free tech support while your license is active
  • You must create your account and/or redeem your voucher code to activate your giveaway subscription before this giveaway has ended

It says, Voucher is invalid or already used

Have u tried both voucher?

SOS21-YDAESNRQM Try this one

Says “Voucher is invalid or already used” on all vouchers.

SOS21-ZMFNNBOPD try This one

Thanks it worked. I got another 6 months.

Well this new Voucher (SOS21-ZMFNNBOPD) also expired, plz can you give me new one.

I think u are unaware of the fact that this vpn keeps log. So, better tell other folks about this and let them decide whether they wanna download or not.

First have some information and then share the things.

A friendly suggestion.

If they are downloading they should be aware of the fact my work is just to present offers and deals and i am doing that .Now it depends on the Clients that they want to use it or not i am not forcing everyone to download it

And Plz stop playing the blame game
Stop it Get some help

if u think that mentioning that particular thing ain’t worth then you need some help rn. It’s their right to know that to protect the privacy they are playing around some bad stuffs. I ain’t playing the blame game. I hope you get your anger issue adjusted somewhere.

Ok if u have knowledge which software is useful and which is not just come under my post and give that info in this way it will be beneficial for community :hugs: :smile: :innocent: