[GET] RDP for Free 7GB RAM 2 CPUs (100% Working)

The latest method is as follows using NGROK & GITHUB. RDP Last 7hrs and then you need to restart. But it Creates Free RDP 7GB RAM and 2 CPU Core with the Github platform.

Follow these instructions* Click Fork to get started (Mobile users please activate Desktop Mode).

  • Visit https://dashboard.ngrok.com to get NGROK_AUTH_TOKEN
  • In this repository go to Settings> Secrets> New repository secret
  • Value: https://dashboard.ngrok.com/auth/your-authtoken copy and paste authtoken in the value
  • Click add secret
  • Go to Action (if you see any watning click “I understand…”) > FreeRDP > run workflow
  • Refresh website - go to FreeRDP > build
  • Click the down arrow “RDP INFO LOGIN” To get IP, User, Password.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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This will work for some time only and Github will ban your id … Don’t try with your personal ID.