[GET] PureVPN BIN (100% Working)

:satellite: BIN PureVPN (many countries!) :dna:
:credit_card: BIN: 422229xxxxxxxxxx
:us: IP: USA
:world_map: ZIP: 10080

:link: Link: https://www.purevpn.com/pages/freetrial

I’m getting error below. Any tips?

Your card number is incorrect

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It works.

-Try to use https://namso-gen.com/

-Follow the instruction well.

-Use USA IP Address.

not working brother i tried aint happening

its working use it for 7 days trial then again repeat after 7 days

Yes, I used namso-gen DOT com, and was on USA server/IP
Do we need to check Lives at mrchecker.net/card-checker/ccn2/
May I know which VPN provider you used?
Thanks, I will try again

May I know which VPN provider you used?

you can use psiphon vpn or tor browser

@FreeAcct Have you successfully manage to create the account?? Personally, I use Cyberghost VPN and it works fine for me.

City: Atlanta
Ip Address: USA

Got it…easy peasy lemon squeezy


Thanks I’ll try with psiphon later, also Tor

Sorry, not yet, still failed with Brave browser, NordVPN - USA, Washington
Your card’s security code is incorrect.
Your card number is incorrect.
Your card was declined.
Sadly, I don’t have Cyberghost

Could you share which VPN provider you used?
Also which USA state and city, thanks


Try to use Windscribe Free

City: Atlanta
Ip Address: USA

It should work well

i just used a tor browser buddy & nothing else

@itiseasy You use ExpressVPN too :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t lie bro :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

not even installed buddy

@itiseasy I’m just joking :blush: It’s ok bro :grin:

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i understand man, not to worry :sweat_smile: :handshake: