Get Personal Pro Plan on Notion for FREE

  1. Go to and see if it gives you a .edu email. If not click the trash icon until it does. Copy it
  2. Signup for notion using the .edu email address: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.
  3. A login code will be sent to the email - copy-paste it and click create new account
  4. Set a name and password and click take me to notion
  5. Now, on the settings and members area on the left panel, click Upgrade.
  6. Scroll down to the Students & educators section, click get free educational plan.
  7. Click okay when you get this message “You are now subscribed to Notion’s Personal Pro Plan for free”
  8. Done. There you go!! A 4$/month personal pro plan on notion for free.

Is it for lifetime or one month only


tried it but it is not working. nonetheless, thank you for this info

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Thanks, It is working but is it only for one month

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It worked thank you


Thank you for sharing the idea and the step by step details
Learnt something new. Howevr, it is not clear whether it will be free forever, or for one month

Personal Pro (Education) Plan

This workspace’s Personal Pro (Education) plan is set to $0 per month and will renew on March 1, 2022 . Adjusted for your account balance, you will be charged $0.

Thank you


As of now, the renewal date gets automatically updated every month, meaning it’s free forever until notion changes something in a future update.

Happy that it worked for you mate and hope you’d make good use of it.

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Let me know where you’re stuck and I’ll help you out mate.

Dhanks . Brudaer. It works.

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Thanks a lot for the pro information

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If it’s not working for you, after folowing the op steps, try selecting “try notion for free” on this page: Notion for education. Then, you should see a message saying that your plan is eligible for the educational plan in the lower left corner of your screen. I hope it helps.

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life saver man! It works, Thanks! Please follow the same instructions shared in the original post and then check leo_registro post

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@abhi5 it worked! thanks so much

Thanks a lot, it works fine!

It’s not work and not able to register email

Works but then plan switched to free plan, so no longer working! Thanks anyways

try using cloudflare or vpn

Try but not work, notion notice email is not valid

step 1 - get edu mail
step 2 - connect to / cloudflare
step 3 - open chrome or any browser and then go in notion website
step 4 - then use the edu mail to create an acc [ don’t use the application ]
step 5 - make acc and set password nd all after that use that id pass to log in [ in application ]

well this worked for me and my friend