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About Browse

The Decentr mainnet browser is now the FIRST blockchain aware web3 browser . … Our vision is for Decentr to be synonymous with crypto itself, the crypto browser of choice and the first step to entering the crypto ecosystem for any new user.

Creating a bridge between internet users and applications developed with distributed ledger technology, an open source platform, which enables you to manage and pay with your Personal Data Value.

The Decentr browser will provide a secure gateway to crypto for both new and seasoned users alike, where they can simply download the Decentr browser and have all the necessary abilities, tools, links etc to simply start crypo’ing.

Mainnet Browser Features

Free inbuilt Decentr VPN

Free inbuilt Adblock - Unlike other free VPN services, THEY DO NOT LOG ANY USER DATA


How to sign up for decentr browser?

  1. visit the official site - (Yes its referral link and you do need a referral link to sign up.)
  2. If it ask referral code - Xml2UCf1

3.Now just download the browser in windows or linux on pc or you can also download for android app.
4. After installation when you open browser ,
Create new account step

Store your seed phrase ( This is VERY IMPORTANT never share and newer lose phrase, if you lose you will never recover may be in future they will create for the solution, store some where safe ).

  1. simply follow the process and join the telegram channel and review their technical paper.

decentr browser proof - How to earn passive income from decentr browser

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The website in question here is

I think this thread will go into a referal frenzy which will slowly die off…no one making any money outta it :slight_smile:

Get paid using the browser…no info collected? How does this work and most importantly whats the catch. Its not that easy as it seems to make money by simply using the browser.

Anyone else have thoughts on this? Any actual users?