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PyIDM is a python open source (Internet Download Manager) with multi-connections, high speed engine, it downloads general files and videos from youtube and tons of other streaming websites .
Developed in Python, based on “pyCuRL/libcurl”, “youtube_dl”, and “PySimpleGUI”

Features :

  • High download speeds “based on libcurl” - See Speed test of: aria2 vs PyIDM.
  • Multi-connection downloading “Multithreading”
  • Automatic file segmentation.
  • Resume uncompleted downloads, and Refresh expired urls.
  • Support for Youtube, and a lot of stream websites “using youtube-dl to fetch info and libcurl to download data”.
  • download entire video playlist or selected videos.
  • download fragmented video streams, and encrypted/nonencrypted HLS media streams.
  • watch videos while downloading* “some videos will have no audio until finish downloading”
  • check for application updates.
  • Scheduling downloads
  • Re-using existing connection to remote server.
  • Clipboard Monitor.
  • Simple GUI interface with 140 themes available.
  • proxy support (http, https, socks4, and socks5).
  • user/pass authentication, referee link, use cookies, video thumbnail, subtitles, MD5 and SHA256 checksums
  • user can control a lot of options:
    • select theme.
    • set proxy.
    • Speed limit.
    • Max. Concurrent downloads.
    • Max. connections per download.


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