[GET] Lynda Premuim for 90 days

Lynda Premuim 90 days

What you’ll need:

  • Email address
  • VPN (USA)
  1. Go here https://www.dclibrary.org/catalog/account/application for DC Library Card Application
  2. Fill in the box for the Home Address I recommend you to look for a house in DC for sale or rent in this site zillow.com, You don’t have to fill the box without (*) mark.
  3. Request Library Card
  4. Check your mail, and copy the login information
  5. Login to lynda.com with Organization Portal (Sign in with your organization portal), type “dclibrary.org
  6. Then, fill your login info from your mail

This account will last 90 days.

Happy Learning :slightly_smiling_face: