Get Lynda lifetime access for FREE

  1. Go to here and register for the library card
    Library Card Application | The Seattle Public Library
  2. Use fake details from US Address Generator - Fake Address, Random Address Generator
  3. It will ask to setup pin…just remember it
  4. After registration you will get a library card number( remember it)
  5. Then after go to SIP Login
  6. Login with your library card number and PIN number
  7. Boom you got Lynda premium

Thank you, it actually worked…

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thanks it works <3 <3

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Thanks a lot my friend . Its perfectly worked .
Is it for lifetime really :slight_smile:

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yes bro free for lifetime

it’s for lifetime? it’s a temporary library card.

I think it is a temporary library card

Dude, it works but I don’t see the validity. Hope it’s for lifetime. By the way, I used fake email in the email options so that nobody could trace me.:grin:

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Awesome!!! Thank You!!!

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Awesome share but it lasts only for 4 years

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Thanks for helping. it really helps.

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it works!
thank you so much

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How does it work? I have tried to signup but after that, I require verification to complete the signup. Couldn’t get the card number. :frowning:

I get the confirmation number but when I use that to log in it gives this error.

@Rohit_Salunke can you have a look at this please?

I can’t create the library account. It always shows this error.


Dude. Even four years is good enough. By that time something else will be posted out here :slight_smile:

lynda is now linkedin learning.
is there any new method for creating account for linkedin using library card?


Yes, the method isn’t working anymore. Can anyone provide a new method for getting premium?

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