Get Lynda lifetime access for FREE [100% Working]

  1. Go to here and register for the library card
    Library Card Application | The Seattle Public Library
  2. Use fake details from US Address Generator - Fake Address, Random Address Generator
  3. It will ask to setup pin…just remember it
  4. After registration you will get a library card number( remember it)
  5. Then after go to SIP Login
  6. Login with your library card number and PIN number
  7. Boom you got Lynda premium

Credit : Link removed by staff.


Thanks for sharing G :grin: :ok_hand:

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hello it is still working ?

not working… showing error again and again


doesn’t work. Step 2. Address doesn’t work

for address try website, put any zip code from fake address generator and search the zip in , you will get real address here.