Get LinkedIn Learning Library Card

  1. go here
  2. Click to get started
  3. Fill up form (take help from this)
  4. For Email go here (I will recommend you to use outlook, gamil etc.)
  5. Click submit button
  6. You have got your digital library card

Go here and now you know next process



sheeeeeeeeshhhhhh its workss thank you for this!
if the Library card lasts 1 year does the linkdin lasts 1 year too?

Hope this ain’t get busted as it’s showing the card is valid for a month


Yes @itiseasy, you are right this card is valid for 1 month, you can repeat this method to get another one

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Thanks Bro. What other things we can do with this library card?

Check this

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Thanks a lot, @OneAboveall for sharing this wonderful resource !!!

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check these link also:-
link1 (90 days) VPN - USA
link2 (1 year) VPN - [USA, New York]
link3 (2 years) VPN - USA

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linkedin learning1
linkedin learning2
linkedin learning3

Guys if you want to LinkedIn Learning access create email. But this mail not include G Drive access.

great its working fine. thanks mate

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Hey ! I got a card but when i enter the credentials in the link provided recently in linkedIn learning it’s saying incorrect credentials , whether there is a posssibility of banning the cards validity ?

Thank you!

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Bro I’m trying this a lot many times it’s not working :cry:. It’s also asking for another work address should I use vpn for this?

Yes @Sairaj_Igave_239-B

card is generated but cant login, login error, earlier it worked but now not working even with no card, what to do bro?

Can you share steps to create email?

Worked for me.
Thank you! <3 :love_you_gesture:

Go to
Find and than apply bro.

Thanks, it works like a charm! :star_struck: