Get LinkedIn Learning Library Card

  1. go here
  2. Click to get started
  3. Fill up form (take help from this)
  4. For Email go here (I will recommend you to use outlook, gamil etc.)
  5. Click submit button
  6. You have got your digital library card

Go here and now you know next process



sheeeeeeeeshhhhhh its workss thank you for this!
if the Library card lasts 1 year does the linkdin lasts 1 year too?

Hope this ain’t get busted as it’s showing the card is valid for a month


Yes @itiseasy, you are right this card is valid for 1 month, you can repeat this method to get another one

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check these link also:-
link1 (90 days) VPN - USA
link2 (1 year) VPN - [USA, New York]
link3 (2 years) VPN - USA

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linkedin learning1
linkedin learning2
linkedin learning3

great its working fine. thanks mate

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Worked for me.
Thank you! <3 :love_you_gesture:

Go to
Find and than apply bro.

Thanks, it works like a charm! :star_struck:

It worked like a charm lol

It works, thanks man!

LinkedIn Learning Library Card




Address Examples
Street Address - 69 Kuhl Ct
Apt/Unit/Suite - 69
City - Walnut Creek
State - CA
Zip Code - 94597

Street Address - 8360 Main St
Apt/Unit/Suite - 69
City - Oakley
State - CA
Zip Code - 94561

Street Address - 254 Gil Blas Rd
Apt/Unit/Suite - 69
City - Danville
State - CA
Zip Code - 94526

Note - Only use address from Contra Costa County.

  • The local branch should be the same as the city you provided.

City - Walnut Creek
Local Branch - Walnut Creek-Downtown Branch

City - Oakley
Local Branch - Oakley Branch

City - Danville
Local Branch - Danville Branch

  • Click Accept.
  • Check your email for the Library eCard.
  • Go to this website, enter the library eCard details, and start your learning journey.
  • :hearts: this post and leave a comment if you have any questions.

VPN - @Agent_XI Link of the Topic.
I came to know about this library because of @momodu_share topic.

Q. Is the library eCard valid forever or for a set period of time?
A. It is valid for 1 year.

Q. Is a VPN necessary?
A. Yes. I already checked without a VPN, and guess what? It doesn’t work.

Q. Can I enter a random address?
A. No. I’ve already checked it. Use the provided Google Maps Address or the Example Address.

Q. I have more questions.
A. Comment below if you have any other questions.



working asf!!! Btw oarkly street address wasn’t working. @alamin welcome to freesoff!

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Thank you.

Use Street Address - 407 E Home St
Instead of Street Address - 8360 Main St

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Working Great ! 1 Year Card Got :partying_face:

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Thank you so much!! its working!!

Thank you :blush: its still working for today 22feb2023
I appreciate :pray:

I’m getting this
We are unable to establish a connection to our registration process. Please contact us for further assistance.

I’m connected to Los Angeles, used Oakley address and tried all of these addresses.
What now?

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hello is this the library you’re talking about ?