(GET) Levidio Series For Just $12.98 + Bonus Buy 1 Get 1 + A lot of other bonus + Discount Prices.

Howdy guys,

I would like to offer you a great product from the LEVIDIO series.

You could check them out here
Sales page :
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If you haven’t heard of Levidio, it’s a PowerPoint-based animated design template. If you’re used to using invideo, this levidio is nearly identical; the only difference is that the process uses PowerPoint.

You could try it out first at a low price before deciding to buy it for your project. Levidio Is WORTH BUYING.


  • Buy 1 get 1 Bonus.
  • Buy 2 get the PROMO PRICES + 1 Free.
  • Buy 3 get the PROMO PRICES + 1 Free + others bonuses.
  • Buy bundle gets the promo prices + 2 Free + others bonuses.
  • Tons of bonuses if you buy BUNDLE.

Payment Methods


Delivery Time

24 hours max. (Usually much shorter. Depends on my availability and time zone difference)

Refund Policy

No refund after delivering the product.
I will refund on request if;

  • delivery takes more than 24 hours.
  • the purchased product did not work properly.


  • Please take note that I will guarantee your data drive until 6 months. So make sure you should have to make a copy of the products you bought from me.
  • Feel free to contact me if you lose or accidentally delete your drive.
  • I would like to provide you with a lifetime guarantee, but there is no such a lifetime in this world, right? so, within the 6 months keep in contact with me, let’s befriend, and share experiences.
  • the price is including the $0.98 Paypal fee applies.

PM me or comment below for payment details and questions.

Do you provide all the products for 12$ or what? Please more explanation

$12.98 each product. But if you buy more than 3 product. You could get price $5/product.

So I went to the website and picked 4 that I would like to get.
Are you saying that you will sell them to me at 5.00 each?

Yes, if you buy more than 3 product, you can get 5$ each.