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LEARN TO CODE FOR FREE : How to make your own HTML & CSS website for free!

In this free HTML course, you, with Chris Castiglione as your guide, will build this Cookie Monster project. This is a 7-day course, and it comes with two hours of free and fun videos, sample code, and step-by-step tutorials. We promise this is the BEST way to learn the basics of HTML & CSS.

Your assignment: Cookie Monster is your client. He’s applying for a job. You have seven days to launch a new website for him using only HTML & CSS. You’ve been given his headshot, bio at Sesame Street, and Cookie Monster’s Saturday Night Live Demo Reel. In addition, you have a series of videos and help from One Month to show you how. Ready to start?

Learn HTML & CSS Basics

  • Front-end vs. back-end
  • HTML vs. CSS
  • How to learn JavaScript
  • How to add images to a website
  • How to add links, and buttons to a website
  • CSS background images
  • The basics of digital color theory

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