[GET] How to Get Rich - Felix Dennis

How to Get Rich: One of the World’s Greatest Entrepreneurs Shares His Secrets

It was after reading a Felix Dennis interview in a magazine that I was inspired to start my journey in building wealth, I was waiting for my turn in a job interview queue when I read it. I went home and downloaded this eBook. I’ve read this book more than 50 times. I read it every few months. The wisdom in this book is timeless.

I decided that when I’ve become a wealthy man, I’d personally visit Felix to thank him for writing this precious book. Unfortunately Felix passed away few years ago [image]

I’m not a wealthy man yet, but on the way up.

One reason why I’d recommend Felix Dennis over guys like Grant Cardone and the new age gurus is - Felix did not make his fortune by teaching people how to make money. He wrote books AFTER he made his fortunes. His business was magazines.

Here I am sharing this e-book. I hope it sparks more people into starting their journey to wealth building (serious wealth, not a few thousand dollars a month).

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