[GET] Hackers Toolbox - Complete Hacking Tools Kit

All tool is for Blackhat hackers

Pish web tool
Link : https://github.com/Cabdulahi/pish

MITM attack tool
Link : https://github.com/websploit/websploit

kill shot pentesting framework

Link :https://github.com/bahaabdelwahed/killshot

Facebook information gathering
Link : git clone https://github.com/CiKu370/OSIF.git

Facebook Toolkit + bots, dump private data
Link : https://github.com/warifp/FacebookToolkit

Facebook cracking tool Fcrack.py
Link : https://github.com/INDOnimous/FB-Crack-

Facebook and yahoo account cloner
Link : https://gitlab.com/W1nz0N/fyc.git

Facebook report tool
Link : git clone https://github.com/IlayTamvan/Report

Facebook BruteFoRce Tool
Link : https://github.com/IAmBlackHacker/Facebook-BruteForce

Facebook hacking ASU
Link : git clone https://github.com/LOoLzeC/ASU

Facebook Downloader
Link : https://github.com/barba99/facebook-spotify-youtube-descargar

Hack Facebook MBF
Link : git clone https://github.com/Rizky-ID/autombf

Facebook Repot3
Link : git clone https://github.com/PangeranAlvins/Repot3

Facebook Information Gathering
Link : https://github.com/xHak9x/fbi

Facebook Brute with TOR
Link : https://github.com/thelinuxchoice/facebash

ip camera hacking
Link : https://github.com/kancotdiq/ipcs

Termux Lazyscript tool
Link : https://github.com/TechnicalMujeeb/Termux-Lazyscript

TMscanner Tool
Link : https://github.com/TechnicalMujeeb/TM-scanner

Trace location with IP
Link : https://github.com/Rajkumrdusad/IP-Tracer

WPS Wi-Fi hacking tool
Link : https://github.com/nxxxu/AutoPixieWps

Routersploit - vulnerability scanner and attacker
Link : https://github.com/reverse-shell/routersploit.git

Local network exploiting tool Zarp
Link : https://github.com/hatRiot/zar

ip tracker, Device info by link
Link : https://github.com/lucasfarre/ip-tracker

Ip-Fy IP address information
Link : https://github.com/T4P4N/IP-FY.git

Wifite Wi-Fi hacking tool
Link : https://github.com/derv82/wifite

Modern phishing tool hidden eye
Link :https://github.com/DarkSecDevelopers/HiddenEye

complete phishing tool 32 templates + 1 customizable Link :https://github.com/thelinuxchoice/blackeye

social media phishing with shellphish
Link : https://github.com/thelinuxchoice/shellphish

Advance Phishing OTP Bypass
Link : https://github.com/Ignitetch/AdvPhishing

Paytm Phishing OTP Bypass
Link : https://github.com/Ignitetch/Paytm-Phishing

UberEats Phishing OTP Bypass
Link : https://github.com/Ignitetch/UberEats-Phishing

Whats App Phishing
Link : https://github.com/Ignitetch/whatsapp-phishing

Zomato Phishing
Link : https://github.com/Ignitetch/Zomato-Phishing

hotstar OTP Bypass
Link : https://github.com/Ignitetch/Hotstar-otp-bypass

Ola OTP Bypass
Link : https://github.com/Ignitetch/ola-otpbypass

Amazon Payment Gateway Phishing
Link : https://github.com/Ignitetch/Amazon-payment-gateway-phishing

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