Get FREE virtual machines with 5GB storage

Deepnote (colab alternative)

Deepnote is a free online data science notebook , mainly focused on collaboration (the real-time, Google docs, type of collaboration) and the abstraction of all concepts the work that gets in the way of work β€” environment and infrastructure setup.

What will you get when you sign up?

  • Free CPU
  • Live collaborative coding
  • Live support
  • 5GB storage per project
  • Custom Environment
  • Publishing Platform
  • Database integration

The Starter plan comes with a monthly limit of 50 Standard machine hours, which can be extended up to 750 Standard machine hours by completing onboarding tasks found on your dashboard.

Direct link

My invitation link - (I will get extra 200hours and you will get extra 100hours per every month, but 3 members only)

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is there a link or video that comprehensively teaches deepnote in detail?

Hey… i dont know what this is but is it like a rdp or something :’)

Get free 20 Pro machine hours (16GB of RAM, 4vCPUs) - My referral link

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