[GET] Free Instagram Followers

THIS METHOD IS WORKING. use it till it dies.


-> Fake Instagram account with some fake posts.

-> Your main Instagram account (where you get followers).

-> Internet (obvious).

-> Work depends on how many followers/likes you need.

Download link:-





-> Download the app from the above link and login through your main account and then click on the tick mark on the top right/left corner and then logout.

-> After logging out login through your fake account and then click on the tick mark in the top right/left corner and then you see a different interface and there you see star icon click on that.

-> There you see the subscribe section. and then you start subscribing everyone from your fake account every hour.

-> After getting enough diamonds transfer those crystals to your main account.

-> For that you need to click on the diamond icon in the bottom right icon and click on 'more crystals' there you find 'transfer crystals.

-> Now you type your real instagram user id on which you want followers/likes.( i suggest to send more than 1000 crystals)

-> After the transfer you will receive the crystals in your main account. then you logout from your fake account and login through your main instagram account.

-> Then click on the star icon there you see 'click to start gaining followers' click on that and start gaining followers.

-> For likes you click on your images and select how many likes you want.

-> Enjoy gaining your followers/likes.