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How to register bro not working in my case

not working have any suggestions?

Can You send me a screenshot so that i’ll try to find a fix for it

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Asking for credit card

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You Can give a 0 balance Card

Remove those Domain Proxy And Mail Box

You can proceed it asks a credit card or a debit card so use a zero balance card otherwise it may auto renew the domain

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I dont have one , u know how to generate random?

please tell a way to bypass card requirement

Guys you need a 0$, or a credit card thats linked to paypal for this to work. Please do note that, unlesss there’s some way to bypass it like using a fake cc gen.

anyone having fake cc?

i tried a prepaid card didnt work

working fine, good job bro, thank so much

Plz help me, After entering Debit card details. 1 gbp payment will be deducted. what i do??

could you tell the cc method that you used

I am using Master Card

of your own or you generated it?