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1.The Webflow Masterclass​

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2.The 6 Figure Freelance Designer​

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3.The $10K Website Process​

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4. Brand Design Mastery

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5. Web Design - Becoming a Professional with Ran Segall

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thanks mate, great share

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@Hercules can you please upload the new course updates too, if you still have the course access,

Can you update the 6 figure course please, it’s only 5 week :smile:

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Can you re-upload them? Thanks in advance


I can’t thank u enough fot that

Hey :slight_smile: this is to slow to download, is it possible to have faster links ?

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New Links now available :slight_smile:

Brand Design Mastery

Web Design - Becoming a Professional with Ran Segall

6 Figure Freelance Designer

Password: doozy

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Thank for sharing.

Does “Webflow Masterclass” is the recent update? I think there is a new version of the course!

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thanks for uploading.

When i unzip the rars on mac i unfortunately get a decrunch error on every archive,
so that in every package 1 Video is broken an not whatchable.

i used the unarchiver and apples built in archiver programm.

any whey to fix it?

I assume that happend when zipping the content

all in all it seems like a lot is missing.

Sugest you try another achiever for Mac. There have been issues with decompressing files on Mac. The files are good since no one else has faced this issue.

thanks for the quick reply.

Tried everything and in the end BetterZip for mac was able to solve the problem for me.


Guys it hurts me to say this but if you can’t understand something as simple as no reminders required this forum is not for you

Flux Academy - Brand Design Mastery
Flux Academy - Web Design - Becoming a Professional with Ran Segall


Thank you. Much appreciated.

Flux Courses


Thank you, really appreciate your effort

You are a hero, Quyen!

hey guys does anyone know the password for the files on Design Mastery files on this link?

Tried the “Web design” download link and I got this message in the page :
“The file has been shielded according to local laws, regulations and policies”

Any solutions?