Get F-Secure Safe Internet Security 2021 For Free (6 months)

Free F-Secure SAFE Internet Security license for 3 devices (6 months)

F-Secure Safe Internet Security Features :
:beginner: Antivirus Real-time protection against viruses, trojans, ransomware, and spyware
:beginner: Banking protection Automatic security measures secure your online banking and payments
:beginner: Browsing protection Prevents you from accidentally connecting to harmful websites
:beginner: Parental control Keep your children safe from harmful content and moderate their screen time


Free license for 6 months and 3 devices.

► Visit
► The page is in German language so use Google translate or Google Chrome to view it in English.
► Enter your first name, last name, email address and password. Check the two boxes and click on “Akzeptieren und Konto erstellen”. Your account will be created and you will get free F-Secure SAFE Internet Security for 6 months.

Sales Page link: Click here

Time is money. This applies not only for you but for everyone else.

This is the error I am facing

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I am also facing this problem

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I get the same error. Even with a VPN, it’s not working.

[Updated] F-Secure Safe l Free licence key

▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬

This is a 1-year license for F-Secure SAFE Internet Security 5 devices

► Visit the giveaway page
► Use UK IP using a VPN
► The offer is only valid for new subscriptions so create a new account.
► Check your E-mail, click the link to confirm your email address. After clicking the link to confirm your email address, access your account via the link
► When logging in successfully, on the My F-Secure dashboard, select SAFE, choose “Add Device”. The “Whose Device Do You Want To Protect?” will be opened. Select the “My Device” option and then “Continue”. The Select device type window opens. Select the “This computer” option, and then select “Download for Windows”

Sales Page link: Click here

Enjoy :heart:

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