[GET] Enroll all Udemy, Lynda, Treehouse Courses for FREE

First of all I would like to thank each of you for making it possible to have such an amazing community.
I’ve been part of the community since a few weeks and I already have received so much from you guys.

So here is my first contribution to this community of learners and doers.
I hope you’ll enjoy it.
This is a trick I discovered myself so this is something truly exclusive to freesoff.com
** Please don’t share it outside freesoff as it may adversely affect it effectiveness **

Here’s how to access a shockingly large trove of learning materials

The trick consists of creating an account with US sfpl.org (San Francisco Public Library) with a fake identity and profit from free services offered by this rich library!

To be on the safe side:

  • Use a US VPN (though it may work without, I haven’t tested)
  • During the setup change your machine time zone to PST (Pacific Standard Time)
  • Use a realistic email (don’t use [email protected]) as the account creation may be reviewed by humans

1) Create a fake San Francisco Resident Identity

Use a fake persona from this Persona Generator (This way you have correct ZipCode, Phoner number, etc) Face savoring food :yum:

As SFPL will check for the existence of the address street use this street address generator for your fake persona.

A this step note the purported birthdate as it will be used to derive the password

2) Create a Account at San Francisco Public Library

Create an account here (https://sflib1.sfpl.org/selfreg). The library will send you an email within 1/2 days with :

  • Card ID: ‘Patron Code’ that you’ll use as a Card ID when you’ll connect there
  • Pin: mmdd of the persona birthdate

This hack is a consequence of the Covid19. All temporary Digital Cards will expire on June 30, 2021…

3) Connect to sfpl.org and enjoy!

The way to access all those resources differs from site to site. For the first access you may use the links given above or access the resources from *sfpl.org (connect and go to ‘Research & learn’ or ‘Books and Media’ and you’ll be guided to the desired resource.). After that:

  • some resources will allow you to use a standard login/password
  • others will require that you connect to sfpl.org first and connect from there
  • still others will give you a special url to access them But remember that it’s always possible to access all thoses resources by first connecting to sfpl.org*

And much more resources are accessible at sfpl.org !

So enjoy and let freesoff be the best learning & doing community! High voltage :zap:


To be honest, if it worked for udemy, it was a great trick!!
Anyways, great share

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Applied for library card let’s see after 48 hours.

i also applied, let’s see

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great thanks for sharing with us.

waiting for someone who will get udemy, thn i will try

Mine is not working can you help me with that

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it wont work for udemy

Did you get treehouse or lynda?

which vpn you are using ??

did you got credentials??

Unfortunately, nothing has got

Nord VPN but didn’t get anything

I got the credentials.
Udemy is not working. Lynda is working fine.
Rest I didn’t check.

I still waiting since three days ago, am I rejected

can you share credentials??

yaa can you share your credentials

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