Get .Edu Mail in 30 Minutes


:o: Go to

:o: Scroll Down and Click on Apply.

:o: Click on Apply

:o: Click on Start New Application

:o: Select “Premanent Resident” in Citizenship type and click “Next”

:o: Select “Freshman” in Admission Category and click “Next”

:o: Select “No Diploma” in Diploma type and click on “Next”

:o: Fill all mandatory to create your account,

  • Use fakeaddressgenerator to fill Name and Birthday
  • Use ssn-generator to fill Social Security Number
  • Use temp-mail for Temporary Mail or Use your Personal Mail,
    helpful to reset your password
  • Enter any Random number in Resident Alien Number

:o: Select Checkbox “I have read and agree to the Social Security Notice.” and click on “Next”

Example :

:o: Confirm your account, Enter Verification Code sent to your Email you used in the account creation and Click on “Next”

:o: Create Password and Click on “Next”, Complete Captcha and Click on “Create Account”

:o: Your SF ID will be shown, Click on Next.

:o: Enter the Current Details, same as you filled in account creation and click on “Next”

:o: Select the Checkbox “This is the same as my current address” and click on “Next”

:o: Don’t need to fill Additional Contact, just click on “Next”

:o: Don’t need to fill Last High School Attended, just click on “Next”

:o: Select Semister & Location as below and click on “Next”

:o: Select Degree Selection as “Adult Basic Education” and click on “Next”

:o: Select “Yes” for Primary Language and Click on “Next”

:o: In Disciplinary History select all “No” and Click on “Next”

:o: Select Parent or Guardian Education as you want and click on “Next”

:o: Select “No Military History” in Military Service Status and click on “Next”

:o: Fill the details of Gender, Ethnicity and Race and Click “Next”

:o: Click on “Agree and Submit”

:o: Note your SF ID and click on “Login to eSantaFe”

:o: Enter your SF ID and Password and Click on “Login”

:o: Click on the New Notification and click “Continue”

:o: Use will be logged into Student Protal, Just click on “Log Off”

:o: Wait for 30 Minutes

:o: Now, Enter your SF ID in eSantaFe Login and click on “Next”

:o: eSantaFe will redirect you to Microsoft login

(If it is not redirecting wait for sometime)

:o: When you Enter your Password and click on Sign in it will say passowrd is incorrect. Click on “reset it now”

:o: Now, reset your password. Go to SantaFe Login

:o: Enter your SF ID and Email used while creating your account and Click on GO. Now, Enter Authentication Code and click on “Verify”

:o: Enter your new password and click on “Change Password”

:o: Password Changed wait upto 15 Minutes

:o: Now, try to login. It will ask for More information required. Click on “Next”

:o: You need to set Email authentication click on “Set it up now”

:o: Enter Email address, Click on email me and Enter verification code sent to your mail and Click on “verify”

:o: Email will be set for authentication, click on “finish”

:o: See all notifications and click “Continue”

:o: Click on “1 New Email”

:o: It will redirect to Outlook

:o: To see your .EDU Email

  • Go to My Account > Personal Info


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Thanks man, i will try this

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HEY, did this method work.

Look at the date of the post, it might have work then or not. I don’t think it work now though, try it yourself.

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While there is so much effort made in making this post, I am yet to see people who were successful in obtaining this address.

PIty they don’t work cause these address are damn useful.

@Hemanth I tried this and stuck at this. Any solution?

Update: Now I can able use that .edu mail id without any issue. This method is working 100%.

Good for you. I hope you get all the benefits of edu mail.

@Zrek721 It would be helpful what are the benefits of .edu mail. There is no access to Office 365 in that college. Apart from that I don’t know what will be real benefit.

but otp verification is not being done…even email forwarding is not working!
if anyone knows a better solution, then plz reply.