[GET] CodeWithMosh - The Ultimate Git Course

CodeWithMosh - The Ultimate Git Course

1.Getting Started
1.1 Introduction

1.2 How to Take This Course

1.3 What is Git

1.4 Using Git

1.5 Installing Git

1.6 Configuring Git

1.7 Getting Help

1.8 Cheat Sheet

==2.Creating Snapshots======

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Initializing a Repository

2.3 Git Workflow

2.4 Staging Files

2.5 Committing Changes

2.6 Committing Best Practices

2.7 Skipping the Staging Area

2.8 Removing Files

2.9 Renaming or Moving Files

2.10 Ignoring Files

2.11 Short Status

2.12 Viewing Staged and Unstaged Changes

2.13 Visual Diff Tools

2.14 Viewing History

2.15 Viewing a Commit

2.16 Unstaging Files

2.17 Discarding Local Changes

2.18 Restoring a File to an Earlier Version

2.19 Creating Snapshots with VSCode

2.20 Creating Snapshots with GitKraken

==3.Browsing History========

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Getting a Repository

3.3 Viewing the History

3.4 Filtering the History

3.5 Formatting the Log Output

3.6 Aliases

3.7 Viewing a Commit

3.8 Viewing the Changes Across Commits

3.9 Checking Out a Commit

3.10 Finding Bugs Using Bisect

3.11 Finding Contributors Using Shortlog

3.12 Viewing the History of a File

3.13 Restoring a Deleting File

3.14 Finding the Author of Line Using Blame

3.15 Tagging

3.16 Browsing History Using VSCode

3.17 Browsing the History Using GitKraken


4.1 Introduction

4.2 What are Branches

4.3 Getting a Repository

4.4 Working with Branches

4.5 Comparing Branches

4.6 Stashing

4.7 Merging

4.8 Fast forward Merges

4.9 Three way Merges

4.10 Viewing Merged and Unmerged Branches

4.11 Merge Conflicts

4.12 Graphical Merge Tools

4.13 Aborting a Merge

4.14 Undoing a Faulty Merge

4.15 Squash Merging

4.16 Rebasing

4.17 Cherry Picking

4.18 Picking a File from Another Branch

4.19 Branching in VSCode

4.20 Branching in GitKraken


5.1 Introduction

5.2 Workflows

5.3 Creating a GitHub Repository

5.4 Adding Collaborators

5.5 Cloning a Repository

5.6 Fetching

5.7 Pu

5.8 Pushing

5.9 Storing Credentials

5.10 Sharing Tags

5.11 Releases

5.12 Sharing Branches

5.13 Collaboration Workflow

5.14 Pull Requests

5.15 Resolving Conflicts

5.16 Issues

5.17 Labels

5.18 Milestones

5.19 Contributing to Open source Projects

5.20 Keeping a Forked Repository Up to Date

5.21 Collaboration Using VSCode

5.22 Collaboration Using GitKraken

==6.Rewriting History=======

6.1 Introduction

6.2 Why Rewrite History

6.3 The Golden Rule of Rewriting History

6.4 Example of a Bad History

6.5 Undoing Commits

6.6 Reverting Commits

6.7 Recovering Lost Commits

6.8 Amending the Last Commit

6.9 Amending an Earlier Commit

6.10 Dropping Commits

6.11 Rewording Commit Messages

6.12 Reordering Commits

6.13 Squashing Commits

6.14 Splitting a Commit

6.15 Rewriting History Using GitKraken

6.17 Course Wrap Up

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