Get Canva Pro for free for 1 year without credit card

Go to and register there or you have account just login there.
now you will get canva pro for 1 year for free


3500+ members can join.
Dont worry your designs will be your personal.

ohkk bro, thanx for sharing

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3500+ ??? really??? thats wow!

I will update my canva portal regularly
So that i can help upto 10000 people getting free canva pro…


yes i am sure dont worry it will work untill i myself cancel the subscription

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Hey buddy, how can i also make that type of account and invite people to it?

Thats some cool stuff around there mate

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Thanks…we will be upadating that regularly…also you can ask any technical doubt or request any course there😊

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thank you sharing
why is my account is telling to try canva pro?
even after using the link.

You have to register at canva using that link

I joined such groups, but unable to add my fonts to it, can someone confirm they can add stuff under brand Kit?

what do you mean by your fonts?? if you meant fonts included in canva then i gave full access to everybody and anyone can use any font,anything without any restriction

just a simple question though, why are u giving this to everyone for free mate???

woah bro, i rarely meet people like, sharing your website with my friends and college mates :+1: :+1: :+1:

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you can support us by sharing it with your friends

Under the brand kit you cannot upload your stuff. Important Eg are fonts.


can you confirm your group allows?

I cant give set brand kit permision to everyone as each user will have different choice.

Actually my fonts selection are based on the project and what brand is using. Cant share you hundreds of fonts from my library, to upload on the canva.

So is there any possibility that to you can give specific access to my account? so I can add when require?