Get Canva Pro for FREE [1 Year]

The validity of the Canva Pro account will be 1-year from today (29 August 2021). It is a pretty long license to use Canva Pro for free. So grab it now and be more productive.

Get Canva Pro:

Thank you.


Just to be clear, I think this is Canva Edu right?
One difference from Pro is you can’t upload custom fonts, I think admin has to do it for you.


Interesting. Never knew this difference. This is certainly the EDU variant.


its EDU as you can see the link :slight_smile:

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Yes. It’s EDU version.

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Very useful. Thanks for sharing bro :+1:

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Thanks for sharing​:heart::blush:

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exactly ! you can’t upload fonts

uh idk… but i made a pro trial acc

it was canva pro… it will expire after a month

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That’s Awsome…I loved it cause it’s totally pro subscription account.

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also u can use this to try canva pro on your mail

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