[GET] Canva Premium - Lifetime

Join link - https://www.canva.com/brand/join?token=Kf2ELaC96x2fj_ECQLLNPw&referrer=team-invite


Brilliant share…Than yo very much!

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My design will remain private??

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thanks friend for sharing

Thanks friend it is much helpful

is it for limetime ??

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lifetime or just 30 day trial team?

I will be share lifetime link…stay tune

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Thanks for sharing bro

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till then change the title please, its misleading then


Thanks OP - this will come in handy!

I can’t upload custom font.

Thank you for this! Now I can try premium features of canva! :grin:

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It’s not working anymore.

How can I use it? It’s still asking to upgrade to pro.

not working anymore.

Not working Premium feature now !_!

@Priyam this is not working anymore. And all my previous designs are gone. How can I restore them?

How can I opt out from this invite link? I lost all my previous designs.

Just click on the right top on ur name circle, drop down will appear. You can select Personal . all you work will be there