[GET] Austen Paul’s Product Video Course (Worth $325)

You’ll get access to an ever-growing library of inspirational, creative, self-paced educational content – and a collaborative community of creative professionals who are eager to help you grow!


Chapter 1: Welcome + About
Chapter 2: Landing Clients + Filmmaking Advice
Chapter 3: Client Communication
Chapter 4: Pre-Production
Chapter 5: Basic Product Lighting + Light Modifiers
Chapter 6: Camera Settings
Chapter 7: Working with Specific Materials
Chapter 8: Backdrops
Chapter 9: Set Design
Chapter 10: Creating a Product Video with No Lights
Chapter 11: Creating a Product Video with One Light
Chapter 12: Creating a Light + Bright Product Video
Chapter 13: Creating a Colorful Product Video Production
Chapter 14: Shooting a Product Video Outdoors
Chapter 15: Post Production
Chapter 16: Advanced Post Production/After Effects
Chapter 17: Product Retouching Techniques
Chapter 18: Editing Ideas
Chapter 19: Donut Tutorial – Walkthrough

Download: Here


if u got the updated one please share it