[GET] Animating with the JavaScript Web Animations API


This course teaches you how to animate on the Web using the JavaScript Web Animations API W3C standard.

You’ll learn how to transfer what you already know how to do in CSS, into JavaScript and then add extra capabilities like pausing and playing animations, starting one animation half way through another. Combining different animations together and synchronizing a number of animations. All things you just can’t do presently with CSS alone.

We will start by re-making some basic CSS animations with the JavaScript Web Animations API, then once we get through the fundamentals, we will start making our project together — a interactive set of sequenced animations.

By the end of the course you should have a solid understanding of how to animate on the Web with the JavaScript Web Animations API.

What we will build

We will be building, from scratch, a multi-scene piece of interaction with just HTML, CSS and JavaScript and no external libraries. Instead of CSS we will use the JavaScript Web Animations API to handle our animations and learn about all the extra capabilities it provides over CSS alone.

Along the way, we will also look at how to setup a very simple local server that will live reload changes to our code as we work.

Who this course is for:

  • Front-end Developers looking to create animations with JavaScript
  • JavaScript developers looking to animate elements


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