[GET] Airtable Lifetime account (FREE) Method

Do this while it is possible it saves 200$ a year

To get free airtable account:

  1. Use VPN location Spain or Portugal

  2. USE Yahoo.com email

  3. Sometimes you will get the message “You’ve been selected for the Creator plan”. One of my account got it the other didn’t.

  4. If you didn’t get it then you have to delete your airtable account and keep trying.

  5. Keep trying, I got it on my 11th try.

  6. Reply from Airtable: The Creator plan is a current experiment that gives a new solo user almost all of including blocks, without the usual time constraints of a Pro trial. Once the person adds collaborators to the Creator workspace, it morphs into a 30-day Pro trial, to experience the power of Airtable Pro with others. Once users are added to a workspace, all users will have 30 days of premium use before payment is required. If no collaborators above read-only are added, the Creator-plan (Pro features) will remain in effect indefinitely.

SO, do not add collaborators to keep your lifetime account

Delete the account and try again if that didnt work, might take couple of times.


hi bro
thank you for the trick
i get Creator plan

thanks for the trick. worked for me in first attempt. i used Portugal vpn .

I got it on my 2nd try

still not get for 20 times

I have also using similar tricks but not getting it.