๐ŸŒ€ GET 60 Days SkillShare Premium for FREE! April 2021 Method

:cyclone: GET 60 Days Skillshare Premium for FREE! April 2021 Method :cyclone:

Step 1: Go to This Website : https://10minutesemail.net/

and if you see a Temporary Edu Mail then follow the next steps, if you donโ€™t see an email with .edu then simply click on the Delete๐Ÿงบ icon until you get a temp .edu extension.

Email should be something like this @edu.pl

Step 2: Go to https://www.skillshare.com/schoolverification and sign up with that temp email, verify the email account.

After verification Enjoyโค๏ธ

By @ThomasShelby


Working fine thank you!

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Worked like charms! Thanks

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Works fine as usual. thanks

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Worked! thank you, man.

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its workingโ€ฆthanks man:)

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Working fine Thank you.

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tysm itโ€™s working!! no problems at all.

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yes, it is working. no problem with it.

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how to verify after login. i tried but nothing done

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Why would you need to verify if you can log in?

i am loged in but itโ€™s showing buing packages.

try again with a different email

Guys this method is still working like a charm, do grab your skillshare account ASAP for 60 days

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itโ€™s not working anymore, the link takes me to my card details.


Yes, itโ€™s not working. Maybe it was valid just for the sign-ups last month.

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can you try using VPN and then tell me if its working or not

Tried. It didnโ€™t work. :pensive:
Is it working for you? If yes, then what location youโ€™re registering from?

No, we were using the edu mail method. Same happened with canva too.They also declined now edu mails. In skillshare the school verification link isnโ€™t working probably they have removed it.

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Didnโ€™t work, ask for payment
School verification link not working