[GET] 5TB Onedrive Storage New Method (100% Working)


  1. Go to the following Link - free.stulive.com

  2. Click on GET IT when Announcement comes.

  3. Now, click on GET IT and fill in the required fields to get your account.

  4. After filling the details click on Submit.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Yes, this method is working. I hope everyone take advatantage of this since pretty soon it will not be available at all. also keep in mind that don’t put personal/important files on this drive as it may get taken down by microsoft anytime. use it as a temporary storage or a backup drive for your movies and e-books collections. Thanks for sharing this mate! :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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Thank you .Its working

It’s working.
Guess it’s part of the Sky University of Technology.
Suggest instead of using it for One drive, use the same credentials to activate Office 365.

No guarantee how long the space can last. Make the best of it.

Tell us how to remove it …in case

thanks i was searching for it for a long time

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Update: 1TB in create acount

Is there any way to copy files from gdrive to onedrive directly without any limits?

thank bro, it’s still working fine, but only 1Tb (not 5Tb like you said)

Thanks for the share.

But only 1 TB now. Still happy :slight_smile:

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The storage is gone how to get the data stored in???

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You cant. Just forget your data.
Next time back up it in multiple place.
Shared drive is not a lifetime storage. You could lose your data anytime.


not working method expired

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