GET 4 MONTHS Spotify for FREE

LISA’s fans get 4 free months of Spotify Premium.​

Use the link below to get your 4 months Spotify Premium Trial

Note: Use VPN and connect to USA IP before clicking the link below.


Oh wow. Has anyone tried and tested this?

We need a valid bin for this.

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Yes you can use the BIN or choose Paypal :slight_smile:

Make sure your Paypal Accoutn has $1 balance :slight_smile:


Proof :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the share. But, I’ve gotta ask something. Why does everyone want Spotify premium? I mean, like invite links, that would last only for months and sometimes just days? Does people not know about Spotify mod? Or is it something else? I’ve asked this before to someone and they said that they want to download the songs (which is not possible in mod). In which case, there’s Resso mod which comes with awesome quality and download features.

This same issue is seen everywhere… Youtube premium, (Youtube vanced), Canva (Canva invite), Office invite link (Office crack), Mega premium (Bypass script), and the most important one, Netflix - where there are a million alternatives to watch free movies and series. So, can someone explain why people go after these?


theres some satisfaction within it lol… and uhh for discord users if they have spotify premium, when they hear songs others can know. idk . and many people have ios.
Spotify Premium just hits different ig. :skull:

and spotify kinda seems pretty easy to get thanks to bins and stuff

Yeah, but the important thing is history and suggestions based on history which won’t be available using bins, because you create different account every time. Does that not matter?


I think it’s more on self satisfaction and experience…like if you have a Spotify Premium in your phone you will fell that you belong to those “society” :slight_smile:

For me I’d prefer to create a trial Spotify account than using a moded one which is not safe sometimes :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Before I purchased a subscription I used to use a modded apk. Worked pretty fine for me.

For IOS I can’t use You tube Vanced & Mod Apks…So yes…this is helpful for IOS users…So I have to buy You tube Premium & netflix sub every month…I can only use mod apks on Android…yes this kind of stuff is helpful sometimes…to be honest Netflix official app Interface is way worth than any free alternative , So paying them is worth it…if you have any other Free thing for Youtube Premium (IOS)…let me know buddy…


good point…MOD apps is only working in Android phones and not with iOS phone.

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Any working bin ??

Please check here :slight_smile:


Yeah, I was using Cercube when I owned an iOS. You have two options for Youtube premium - Youtube++ and Cercube. Jailbreaking is not necessary.

To install these apps, you’ll need another app called Ataler (Alternative - Saynmo)


  1. Install Ataler. Installation Guide - Install Ataler
  2. Swipe or Search for the Cercube / Youtube++ apps.
  3. Click on the app.
  4. Now, you can see the install button. Tap on the install.
  5. Tap “Allow” on the popup screen.
  6. Open your device settings and “Profile download”
  7. Now, you can see the downloaded “Youtube++/ Cercube” app.
  8. Click on the “Install”
  9. Allow user permission and grant access to the app.
  10. Tap “Done” and complete the installation process.

Now open your home screen, and you can simply see the Youtube++ / Cercube app icon.

Drawback: I don’t know if this works good now but when I had it, you have to refresh the Ataler server once every week. This would be a pain sometimes but definitely worth it for the non ad and background play experience. Give it a try and drop your reviews.


God thanks for sharing. Not able to minimize YouTube is such a hassle.

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you can use yt premium 1 month . the bins

Unfortunately, there’s no PayPal option in my country. :joy::joy:

That’s why I prefer to used mods than buying the subscription :rofl: poor of me. Hahaha.

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is it working now with paypal!

ye if this offer still valid.