[GET] 2x Private Scribd Premium 1 Year Subscription I Direct Subscription with Freebies ⭐

Get a Private Scribd Premium account + Freebies with 1 year validity with your own email and password

How to get it?
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Then comment here why you need it


i need for pdf files of education. please share it with me.

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As I am a techer I need to find ressources for my students
Thanks you [email protected]

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I need this to learn some research paper , and learn skill.

Sir urgent requirement for IEEE and research papers in formatted manner
[email protected]
Please also tell the procedure to activate

Hi there. Also a high school teacher here… There are lots of documents /usually pieces of books/ that I grab, translate and then send to students in need (there are very few books in Spanish). Usually multimedia stuff, design, and some educational related mostly (I also work with teachers in my country). That account will be used mostly with that purpose so… if you´re so kind, I would apply. 45% of the time the materials I need are… there. Regards!

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i would like to have it forr my research study documentation.

Scribd is gambling place for me to find some documents to help me solve my homework. But its hard to access their resource as free trial need payment card and I cant afford it as I am just student. The only way is to submit 3 or more good documents to access one of resource. My problem is some time I got bad resource, and I cant resubmit my submitted documents again as its check duplicate upload. Its sad as I giving them literally 3 of my works for free. And they use it to earn money. What sadden me is there is no way to complain about it.

So with this 1 year scribd premium, I hope I got what I should get from them. Thanks a lot for giving chance for this giveaway

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thank you, I one of the lucky one

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Nice giveaway bro, count me in

Hi there egoLift1… Thanks for give me the possibility to get account.
As I told you… the account seems to not work still… it says that the user do not exist… Have I did something wrong? Let me know please… Thanks
And yes I will report here if the account is functional and - as I said ego - will offer to dl documents from time to time.
Regards and cross my fingers ! Thanks again eGoLift1 !!

I love reading and listening to audiobooks when I commute to work. Can I have, one sir? Thanks

I am a student. Thatswhy I need it

I need it because it’s simply is a good deal :wink:

i need it for my education purpose please provide it…

I run a NGO, I would want an account for students that I teach. Hope you are able to provide it.

Hi, i want it to download academic and study materials which cannot be found in public (Construction contract, research study, building specification, etc). Thank you for sharing this
My email: [email protected]