[GET] 1x invideo Best SAAS Video Editor lifetime subscription with warranty

Mention the reason why you want the https://invideo.io/ and how it helps you? I will pick one based on your comments.
Thank you.


Actually is NOT for me it would be for my cousin / god-daughter.

She´s 21 years old and trying to build a community and followers on both Facebook and Instagram.

She´s a psychologist and loves creating animated presentations and videos about her latest themes and topics.

She really goes her way to help others, especially kids with autism and I try to help her in anyway I can.

Lats year, I pushed her to launch her own blog in order to get private clients that way but she´s too much into Instagram and really enjoys creating videos.

Unfortunately, she´s using a cracked version of Filmora I found her on the internet but she has a really crappy PC, and creating videos is just to stressful for her.

So, getting an account, not only on InVideo but on any cloud-based video creation site would come a long way for her.

Thanks for launching this and gl!

By the way, if you want, I can share her blog privately through PM so you can meet her :smiley: :smile:

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Hi I am a teacher and I need to create explainer videos for my students
Thank you

actualy i will use it to create teaching animations and explainers

Thank you @walidbenz for the giveaway. I am currently helping indigenous group in my country, they are ethnic groups, most of them are not good in reading and comprehension. Through your generous offer it would really help them learn by the use of audio and video teaching materials. More power sir!

First of all, Thanks for such giveaway! If I get this opportunity, it will be useful for my running projects as well upcoming projects , and I assure you, If I get this giveaway , I will help this community to build videos & animations as per their requirements.

I am very eagerly positively waiting your response.

I want to use for personal vlogging, which for real social work.
Thanks in advance.

I will start a social media blogging and I will use it to create teaching animations and ecommerce videos thank you budd!!

Apparently, now I am super busy with online homework from my college, I enroll non-design major but my homework needs some visual design like video demo and presentation. So with invideo, it easier my burden to do my homework.
I also want to learn some design skills, especially in animation, so I need to learn some inspiration, and invideo happen to good at this. Good Self-branding is linear with good design, so get two bird at once
Thank you for that chance of giveaway

to create a video from the article …

Firstly as I am a youtuber where i create self Improvement Videos, I Usually have to spend more than 8 hours to create animation Video for that because I don’t want to reveal face on web for now, It will be helpful if I’ll get this License because it will make my video production easy and if I’ll get this user id, I’ll be able to produce more and more videos in the same time frame. Thank You in advance @wildbenz

I’m trying build community about designing t-shirts
would be ideal for marketing tools which is missing
big thank :pray:

sent me your email bro

I want to article to video for my website and private Facebook group. Instead of just article reading i want to try same article with video effects

Thanks in advance

already sent my email in pm :D, please check

Thanks for the sharing your knowledge & giveaway best online video tools provide you… Really appreciate for your resources.

1st of all As-salamu alaykum Brother, I am from Bangladesh & my name is amit… I am Graphics Designer if you me l, i can not explain you how which type of you help me…

Sorry for my bad english. & Everyone please pay for me n my baba we are Covid Positive :frowning: n we are in hospital Right now . I am writing this text for post in hospital bed.

Best Regards,
Amit Islam

Thank you for choose me the giveaway, I will using this to learn, the account work and I am feeling lucky, I hope great luckiness come to all of you too :smiley:

i really need invdeo subscription, please :frowning_face: