Get 1TB Cloud Space For Free

  1. They are in beta and giving 1TB free storage to new users

  2. Visit the website ( and sign up there, and confirm your mail

  3. Done, you got your free 1TB, now just start uploading and enjoy :slightly_smiling_face:

They also have automatic photo backup option for free in their android/iOS app so good replacement of google photos as well

We Dont Own That Website, And We Dont Give You Any Privacy Guarantee.


how i can transfer file from mega to it


My personal suggestion : DO NOT USE DUBOX

The service has been offered from the same company " BAIDU "which has a very bad reputation in cloud storage market. Baidu offered a similar service which started back in 2012 (It was only limited to Chinese citizerns because it needed a chinese phone number) and allowed users to upload 1 TB of files for free, but when it slowly gained some momentum with large number of users using the service, They implemented a marketing strategy called “kidnapping sales” , They didnt reduce the free users’ free space but their download speed to < 50kbps. 50 Kbps is way too less in a country that claims to have setup the first 5G network system.

This was my personal view. You can read more by doing a simple google search like “why is dubox offering free storage” or “dubox review”

GOOD LUCK, just tried to help communtiy members so that they dont get trapped in this sh*thole marketing practice.


You are right :white_check_mark:
But we should give it a try. :no_mouth:

Yeah, Try but the consequences are known to you. 1 TB is enough for anyone.