[Get] 100$ AWS Student Credit for Free

Takes a long time but it works. You can get 100$ AWS Credit

  1. Navigate to “ide.goorm.io” and press the button “Get Started”
  2. Then Sign Up with | Google Acc | Facebook | Github | BitBucket |
  3. Then “Create New Container” and do something
  4. Then navigate to “ide.goorm.io/event/how-to-get-aws-educate-credit”

Note: You can only apply after 7 days from having your account created (After your Container Created)

After 7 days and you apply it will 12 hours to review your info and then you will get on your mail a mail from awseducate to complete information about you

After you imput your info and accept the terms and conditions and you will get in max 1-2 hours a mail to set a password for your awseducate account
After you Set UP a password of your aswdeducate account navigate to AWS Account and activate it

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it’s not working bro


Page not found

The requested page could not be found as the page’s address was
incorrect or changed.
Please check the following and contact the customer service center
if the error is not resolved continuously.