Gate R-*B*-R Course

The infamous Gate Course by R*avi Bhauuu …His team Always manages to delete this off the internet SO COPY ASAP …


154 GB
PS: Use Unlimited Maga Technique from here (Worked for me)


thanks man love you …

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do you have gate academy material for CS

Can’t thankyou enough for sharing this!

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bro please upload it on Google Drive it’s taking too much time to download and more data too.

please tell me how you have downloaded his course I have access to his course but can’t download it from anywhere

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i dont have enough storage there …and even if i had google would delete my account …it’s better to use a tool called megabasterd with proxies

use this trick …or buy a plan on mega …no other way bro

'll try to find and create another thread for it .

ok bro please as soon as upload link

Bro I want to know how to download his course from his website. Because I bought his course for 2 months but it has expired and I still have access to the website but not the course. Tell me is there any way to download the course from his website.

no idea mate, this isnt my collection …

anyway…try the network tab and look for nay media resource … if it’s hosted on vimeo use a google extension .something like " Simple Vimeo Downloader - Chrome Web Store " …would be better if you could share the screenshot.