GATE EC Courses

bhai lecture 1 is missing in all topics! please help yr

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in made easy lectures

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Did you get those lectiresm

Lecture 1 is missing please add

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do you have the link still ,please share

hi bro please always keep posting the alternative link for this course bro

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All the folders in the GA Gdrive are now suddenly empty , everything was working till yesterdey.
Can anyone look into this matter

GATE courses, Coding Ninjas and Coding Blocks courses are taken down the most. You’ll be lucky if they last for more than a week.

This is not just with FREESOFF, but anywhere on the internet sharing these courses.

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bro could upload the missing lectures

The google drive link doesnot contain any video why??

please update EC courses Gate academy

Great Share
Keep it up

plz any one send me made easy gate lectures link this link is now not working plz…

Download: Here

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Please share the GATE for CE students @Naman_Verma

Thank you so much bro!

Please provide mechanical gate mectures

Backup Link for [email protected] [email protected]

Download: Here

Bro please provide lecture 1 of every course bro please do this help bro

Bro if you have lecture 1 of every subject in made easy please reply for me bro.i will give my mail id please reply there bro
[email protected]
Please reply here anyone if they Lec 1 of every subject friends please do this help friends