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Password: doozy

Download all parts to the same location. Use 7-zip (or similar) to extract file .001

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Just download both the files in same location and then extract only the part one and it will work.

Part 2 is just the extension of part one so both files need to be downloaded and kept at same location for extraction to work properly.



Nice share, thanks a lot :+1:

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Got the Solution.

it will work only when you download one file at a time from GDrive.
But when you Zipped and download both together then the Problem occurred.


Download 7-zip from here

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You will find a lot of tricks, just google it how to bypass download limit gdrive.

Thank you for providing valuable course everytime !

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Thank you, you are awesome!

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Thanks you for uploading

Just so to be clear. There was never a problem with the files. With more than a 1000 downloads,only 3 or 4 have reported issues. Generally if one person has a problem, other assume there is a problem even without checking. Don’t worry. It’s easy.

Possible solutions:

  1. Make sure you download the files individually from Gdrive. If you click download all, Google automatically splits them to 2gb parts. Which means you will require to extract twice.
  2. Download on a computer instead of a phone.
  3. Use 7zip
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error while clicking link. Can you please upload again?