Full Time Filmmaker By Parker Walbeck 2020

Does anyone have the Mega link for this course " Full Time Filmmaker By Parker Walbeck 2020".
I have the file-upload link but it’s not allowing me to download it.
Can anyone help me get the Mega link or download it and share it on Mega.

Here is the File-upload link


Somebody Please upload this to mega.



Hey, I was looking for Fulltime Filmmaker’s “Wedding Video Pro” course. Can anyone share a download link for this course?

Fulltime Filmmaker full course 2021 version : 2021

if you can download the full course please do share


amazing content… wow, thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

Hi Sniper_2k, did u have the wedding pro course?

Hey great, but anyone has a meganz link ? it will be easier for everyone

no unfornately i do not.

Both the download links require to get paid versions because of the files being 1 GB+ each. Any other link from where can download?

Hi here is the mega link for full time filmmaker course training.



Is this course only for fimling wedding or for movies too ? ?

It contains all the trainings they have

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Anyone has the updated version of Wedding Pro Videos? thanks

thanks a lot bro
is it latest 2021 updated course?

Thank u a lot sir, do u have the full Course ? i would pay u a bit of money if u give me a Mega link with the complete course with all chapters.

is the link to course still available? can’t seem to find it and not sure if I’m doing this right. Thanks a bunch