Frontrow - Learn Singing with Neha Kakkar

Neha Kakkar is a self taught super star & a singing idol. In 18 video classes you’ll learn everything she knows about singing, performing for the audience & building a career as a singing sensation.

The course has tools which are helpful for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced singers. The course is a self-learning guide and helps you improve at your own pace.

The course is in Hindi and English with English subtitles. The course is approximately 3 hours in length and is split into 18 lessons. It’s advisable that you try the demonstrations side by side.
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Do you have Varun Grover screenwriting course from the same website?

@Hari_Govindha what you say, or we can continue as bathroom singers? :smile:

This will upgrade our bathroom singing :yum: :+1:


CBJ Thank you bro for sharing this amazing course, very useful for us @Red_Orange :sweat_smile:


@Red_Orange @Hari_Govindha…I guess we should do a combo…continue as bathroom singers and combine it with Neha Kakkar’s Auto Tuner… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :+1:…or I guess only Shreya Ghoshal can give us freedom from the title of bathroom singers… :singer: :rofl:


@Sibijay …Nice Share bro… :+1:…frontrow is also having a course with GuitarAdda…if possible plz try to grab that too…

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also add Raftaar music course if possible :sweat_smile:

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Do have dancing classes of frontrow