🌼 FREESOFF Course Library v7.0 - Let Knowledge Unfold

Suggest you read the Guidelines.

Please reply to my previous post.

Yes. You won’t be able to access after that.

We MAY come back with an updated version.

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How can i create topics ?
i tried creating but does not showing and my posts number is also not going up
i maybe missing something which , plz help.

It means I get access for 3 days only.

This seems really interesting, yay to actually trying to be active instead of lurking since I got here xD

Does anybody know how long it will take for DM for access after submitting form?

nope. still waiting. hopefully will passed the entry test. :slightly_smiling_face:

Good question bro, that’s exactly what I wanted to ask

Approvals happen within 24hours. 48 hours max.

If you’ve not received a dm, most likely your request hasn’t been approved.

Approvals depends on activity, age of membership, no. Of flagged posts, etc.

Wish you all the best.

Dear @Sibijay it has been 24 hrs at the time of writing this post. Furthermore, I meet the eligibility criteria.

Does anyone have UI/UX courses

can you provide me with these couses

Is there a place I can find the course list which are there in level 2?

Well. This is certainly not a place to post this request

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Thank you for your comment, any suggestion for a better place ? :slight_smile:

  1. Start with reading the rules of the forum
  2. Search the forum
  3. Create a topic requesting the same.

Thanks Man! I was having the same question

We will be really helpful!

can i get access? ,if I start creating posts today. i am old user of FREESoff