🌼 FREESOFF Course Library v7.0 - Let Knowledge Unfold

I’ve got some content I’m sure others will find appealing/ education on the topic of Social engineering as well as a few others but still learning my way around this lovely place. Hopefully I’ll get it figured out and pick some of the better tuts, articles etc thanks

How can i get any of this?!

Maybe if you READ any of this, you will see how.

Umm… I don’t know, maybe spend 2 mins and read the entire post?

This is awesome ! Thanks
Looking forward to applying to the Library

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Thanks for sharing … :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

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@saeed.bdk thanks for the information


It will be useful for learning. Great work. :+1:

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I need level one access

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Can you please provide that too…?
Thank you in advance

What does it means? We will not be able to access the library after Feb 3, 2022.

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Hey! I am currently using level 1 library access, I want to reapply for level 2 access… Will I be able to access both of the library or only one at a time? Please answer… Thanks :blush:

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Suggest you read the Guidelines.

Please reply to my previous post.

Yes. You won’t be able to access after that.

We MAY come back with an updated version.

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How can i create topics ?
i tried creating but does not showing and my posts number is also not going up
i maybe missing something which , plz help.

It means I get access for 3 days only.

This seems really interesting, yay to actually trying to be active instead of lurking since I got here xD

Does anybody know how long it will take for DM for access after submitting form?