🌼 FREESOFF Course Library v7.0 - Let Knowledge Unfold


Lobby - Each Level will now have a Lobby folder which will hold recently added courses for a period of two weeks before its moved to the appropriate folder.

Perma Ban Revoked - All those banned in the past are eligible to reapply, provided they meet the criteria.

Contributors - In order to keep with the existing demand we’ve decided to open the Library to contributors. If you have content to share, drop us a note and we can set you up with upload access.

Due to its ease of availability, the library will no longer be updated with Udemy, Linkedin or Skillshare courses. The Forum already has a lot of helpful resources posted by members.


  1. DO NOT request for access in comments or DM. Use link below.
  2. DO NOT ask for status of your application. If approved, you will receive a DM. If not approved, you will receive nothing.
  3. Access to only one level will be granted at a time. Requests for the other level can be made after 15 days.
  4. Library will close on February 3, 2022

You must meet both the requirements:

  1. Visited the freesoff.com website for atleast 10 Days
  2. Made 10 Posts (in different topics) / Created 3 Topics

Signups are now closed for this version

The FREESOFF Course Library has been shared under Educational And Non-Profit Purposes only.

The Librarians
:brain: @Pishone_David
:closed_lock_with_key: @Sibijay

Our Contributors


Finally wait is over :tada::boom:


Don’t forget everyone.

We’ve opened our door to contributors. If there is something you’d like to contribute, please get in touch with one of the librarians. Make a difference :slight_smile:


How can i create topics ?
i tried creating but does not showing and my posts number is also not going up
i maybe missing something which , plz help.


@Sibijay plz clarify about requirement 2 , is it has to meet both like 10 post and 3 topics or any one of two will work. ( sorry for not getting the obvious ).


Any one.

But you must’ve visited the forums for atleast 10 days.


I just applied and got confused on the level of access. What does it mean? I chose Level 2


Im new around here but hope i get in.

same here, i’m also confused about this one

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i just found out


I wanted both level…Business Management Section + Graphic Design Section + Web Development & Design Section

I’m almost there to reach the requirements.

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it will be accessible afterwards for everyone? :smiley:

Nope. It will close. We’ve found prolonged access leads to leechers.

So our plan is to close after this time, stock up on new courses and reopen after a copule of weeks

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i see, will try to join it then before it close

wrong post, ask op here : https://freesoff.com/t/download-code-with-mosh-the-ultimate-html-css-mastery-series-1-2-3
may be he can reupload

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I am willing to contribute
PLZ let me know the how


If you have own stuff to share, that’d be great.

There are two ways to do it.

  1. Upload them directly to the Library
  2. Upload them to Google Drive and we will transfer it from there.

PN: WE are looking for courses not easily available elsewhere. Udemy, Linkedin or Skillshare courses are no longer updated in the library.

If interested, please send @Pishone_David or myself a DM and we will take it forward from there.